CCH Tagetik and SAP HANA: an ideal combination



CCH Tagetik and SAP HANA – an ideal combination


Klee’s Performance experts were invited to attend the CCH Tagetik Global Partner Kick-off 2020 in Lucca, and particularly memorable was the session dedicated to SAP and CCH Tagetik’s performance-oriented alliance using SAP HANA in-memory technology.

SAP aims to migrate its entire installed base to SAP HANA by 2025, but also to offer an alternative to the traditional database market.

SAP HANA allows data to be stored and provide superior performance in terms of processing times. Its stand-out advantage is in boosting the ability of finance departments to implement transformation projects which typically involve lots of data, processes and users. In some cases, traditional databases are simply no longer sufficient, and SAP Hana takes full advantage of Tagetik’s functional potential. The potential increase in performance can be anything between 50% and 1000%!

CCH Tagetik’s intended enhancements to the functionality of the Analytic Information Hub will make it an autonomous platform with the ability to handle future functionalities including AI and Machine Learning. Here again SAP HANA will provide increased performance, helped by the fact that SAP HANA integrates so easily with CCH Tagetik.

It’s also worth noting that CCH Tagetik on HANA is available on the various cloud platforms (AWS, Azure and SAP Cloud) without necessarily having to be an SAP ERP customer.

A future oriented towards data visualization and predictive technology

When implementing SAP HANA technology, it is also well worth considering the SAP Analytics Cloud solution to provide data visualization and visual simulation including a predictive capability. And with CCH Tagetik there is the advantage of being based on a unique and certified SAP platform - CCH Tagetik is the first certified partner and reseller of SAP HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud.

In addition, to facilitate its implementation, CCH Tagetik provides starter kits allowing quick exploitation of the data present in Tagetik by including several functionalities (conversion on the fly, elimination of intragroups, management of accumulation, etc.).

2019 saw our partnership with CCH Tagetik blossom through several references (Pernod Ricard, Swarovski, Philips Morris, etc.). As finance function transformation projects become more prevalent, we are in a position to ask the right architectural questions, thanks to our expertise in the field of EPM and more particularly of CCH Tagetik.

If you have any questions and needs in the area of TMA, statutory consolidation and financial planning, our experts would be delighted to help.